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Do you provide professional hotel equipment?

Mistro is the ideal partner for hospitality facilities looking for high-quality supplies and equipment. Our product range is designed to meet the specific needs of the gastronomic and horeca industry, offering reliable and innovative solutions for any type of facility or professional kitchen:

Here are some of our main products:

Other accessories: In addition to slicers and meat processors, we offer a selection of optional extras to help staff perform their tasks with precision and ease.

With over fifty years of experience, Mistro is committed to providing superior products and impeccable customer service to meet the needs of all industries, including:

  • Butcher shops: slicers with strong and powerful blades for slicing fresh and cured meat with precision and ease.
  • Charcuteries: slicers with sharp, adjustable blades for slicing meats, cheeses and other delicate products evenly.
  • Supermarkets: high-capacity, high-speed slicers to meet high volume requirements.
  • Gastronomies: slicers with advanced features such as automatic adjustment of the amount of slices to be sliced.
  • Restaurants: elegant and versatile slicers that fit perfectly in any professional setting.
  • Pizzerias: compact, easy-to-use slicers for slicing cold cuts, cheeses, and vegetables for pizzas and sandwiches.
  • Bar: small, quiet slicers for slicing cold cuts and cheese for sandwiches and cutting boards.
  • Hotel: slicers of different sizes and capacities for creating rich banquets and appetizers.

Contact us if you are a distributor or to find a retailer near you.

Frequently asked questions